June 11, 2015

Sr. Agnes Clare

You may recall that one of our former theology teachers, Ms. Clare Girard, left us two years ago to join the Dominican Sisters of Nashville, TN.  She spent one year as a postulant and for the past year has been a novice and took the religious name of Agnes Clare.  She has a great devotion to Mother Teresa and Agnes was her baptismal name.  The Nashville Dominicans are one of the most "successful" religious orders in the country, routinely attracting about 20-25 news sisters a year!  Not all of them stay of course but they are booming overall.

We just received word that Sr. Agnes Clare will be professing her first vows on July 28 at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville!  She sent an invitation to the school and while it might be hard to attend (I might try) we are all certainly praying for her and that God continues to bless her vocation.  

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