June 14, 2015

That's a wrap

Another year at Trinity High School is in the books.  Our 45th academic year wrapped up on Thursday with the last day of final exams and the teachers had their last day on Friday.  We took care of some housekeeping items, checked grades, had a final teacher meeting, and a nice BBQ.  We also said goodbye to Ms. Foley of our theology department who is headed to Bishop Fenwick High School in Peabody, MA to be the Director of Campus Ministry.  Ms. Foley is from that area so it will be a sort of homecoming for her.  She's also getting married next August so she will certainly have a busy year.  We will miss her terribly and as a token of our appreciation (and so she will always remember us) we presented her with a Trinity Celtic Knot along with a card and flowers.

This week we will be sponsoring our annual mission trip St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia.  Seven seniors (all girls) will be heading down with Mr. Sheehan '79 and Mrs. Trachim on Saturday morning to serve the poorest of the poor for one week.  We have been running this trip for a long time and is one of our most popular events.  As always, I will be joining the group mid-week as Mr. Sheehan has to come back early.  Be sure to check-in later this week for updates on our trip.

Things will be quiet on Campus Ministry's end for the summer but we will join a lot of planning for next year.   We have a lot planned, including celebrating our 10th anniversary this fall.  It was in the fall of 2005 that our first campus minister, Andrew Nelson, launched the Pope John Paul II Campus Ministry Center.  Andrew is a priest now and we are hoping to have him come down and celebrate Mass to mark the occasion.  We are also going to be finding ways to incorporate Pope Francis' upcoming encyclical on the environment into our school life and also marking the Jubilee Year of Mercy, also called by Pope Francis.  There have also been some developments on our association with the Christian Brothers and we hope to share some news with you on that front soon.  This upcoming year will also be my fifth year as campus minister and tenth overall at Trinity (hard to believe).  

Lots to look forward to, do stay tuned!  

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