June 11, 2015

6th Grade Luncheon

Yesterday I had the great honor of speaking at the 6th Grade Retreat at St. Christopher School in Nashua.  This afternoon they had their class lunch and award ceremony and as always, they graciously invited me to attend.  We were treated to a delicious spread of food and cake and I was able to catch up with the pastor, Fr. Richard Kelley.  Fr. Kelley is a good friend of Trinity High School and he served on our board about 30 years ago.  He has been the pastor at St. Christopher's for 15 years and is one of the longest serving pastors in the diocese.

After lunch, the school's amazing principal Mrs. Cindy Clarke offered some words for the students and parents gathered.  You can tell how much she loves the students because year after year she chokes up during her remarks, it's quite touching.  She then presents a number of awards to the students along with the 6th grade teachers Mrs. Emond and Ms. Wefers.  Tomorrow the students "graduate" and most of them will be going on to Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School.  Best of luck to all of them and to the St. Christopher's School community.  I look forward to returning to the school in October for their annual Vocation Day.

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