June 11, 2015

Hall of Honors 2015

Last year we began a new tradition at Trinity High School - the Hall of Honors.  This now annual ceremony honors three alumni of Trinity (or our predecessor schools) for outstanding achievement in their post Trinity years.  This year's inductees were:

Nicholas Ashooh '72
Ovide Lamontagne '75
Nancy Parenteau '71

Mr. Ashooh has been a communications professional for many years, including with Paramount Pictures and AIG.  He worked for AIG during the financial crisis and referenced it last night, calling it an example of humility and working through difficult times.  Mr. Lamontagne has been a lawyer but also has served the Catholic Church in New Hampshire for many years and presently works for the pro-life movement in Washington, DC.  Dr. Parenteau is an award winning biologist and a pioneer in the biotechnology field.  Our Master of Ceremonies last night, Charlie Sherman of New Horizons and WBIN-TV, had a very hard time reading some of her accomplishments as they are so specialized and arcane!  He joked, "They didn't teach me this stuff at Chelsea (MA) High School!"

Each of the honorees spoke and gave advice to members of the Class of 2015 that were in attendance. Mr. Lamontagne told a funny story about the 1975 Trinity-Portsmouth Boy's Basketball Championship game.  Bob Lobel, the famous Boston sportscaster, was a radio personality at the time at WGIR and said on the radio that Trinity would never win the game.  Mr. Lamontagne was the Student Council president so he called Lobel on air and said Trinity would win and if they did, he should come to an assembly at Trinity and eat crow.  Lobel agreed and Trinity actually won the game.  As promised, Lobel showed up and ate crow like a trooper!

Mr. Mailloux '72 presented each honoree with a candle in a beautiful engraved glass vase symbolizing the Light of Christ.  Congratulations to all of the new inductees and thank you for making Trinity High School proud.  

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