April 11, 2014

Trinity Week 2014

Each year the week before April vacation is Trinity Week here at Trinity High School.  Each day there are special dress down days, each afternoon there is a fun assembly, and each evening there is an event like a dance or something sports related.  This year we added a new dimension - Mass and Mercy.  Each day (except for Friday), each class will gather at a local church for daily Mass and then break off and perform works of mercy at various sites in Manchester.  The freshmen will go on Monday (St. Anthony's for Mass), the sophomores on Tuesday (St. Pius X for Mass), the juniors on Wednesday (Blessed Sacrament Parish for Mass), and the seniors on Thursday (St. Raphael's for Mass).

It's been quite a challenge placing over 100 students a day but it will hopefully be a nice experience for our students and the community.  The goal is not only to provide our students will opportunities for Mass and mercy but also for us as a school community to build relationships with our parishes and the local non-profit agencies.

Some of the groups we are serving are:

Blessed Sacrament Parish
Families in Transition
New Hampshire Food Bank
New Horizons
Mt. Calvary Cemetery
Mt. Carmel Nursing Home
Parish of the Transfiguration
Sisters of the Presentation
St. Anthony Parish
St. Benedict Academy
St. Pius X Parish
St. Raphael Parish
Ste. Marie's Parish

Stay tuned!

Stay tuned!  

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