April 7, 2014

Sunday Night Mass and Dinner

Last  night we celebrated our final Sunday Night Mass and Dinner for the year.  It was a "quieter" Mass as our music ministers were unable to be with us nor was our chaplain, Fr. Richard Dion.  Fr. John MacKenzie, the associate pastor of Ste. Marie's Parish in Manchester was our celebrant and preached a very interesting homily on the raising of Lazarus.  He spoke of how death was not part of God's original plan for humanity.  As it says in the book of Genesis, creation went from good to very good when humans were created but we let death enter the world by sinning against God.

Following Mass we enjoyed a nice potluck dinner, actually one of the best in the two years we've been having these Masses and dinners.  My wife and children joined us this month and my oldest kids had fun running around the building with some other children and my youngest enjoyed flirting with all the moms!

I am grateful to everyone who came every month and joined us for this wonderful evening of prayer and fellowship.

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