April 11, 2014

So close...

I have the privilege of serving on the Public Policy Commission for the Diocese of Manchester and one of the biggest issues of late has been the repeal of the death penalty here in New Hampshire.  A bill that would do just that passed the House of Representatives last month and it goes before the Senate next Thursday (Holy Thursday ironically).  The vote is going to be very, very close and the diocese is urging citizens to call their senators between now and next Thursday to encourage them to vote for the bill.  Bishop Libasci testified in favor of the bill before a Senate committee and the diocese is doing a full court press on this bill.  

Please consider calling your senator now and simply ask them to vote for the repeal of the death penalty.  Email is not effective, they take phone calls very seriously.  I guess the number of pro-repeal phone calls is overwhelming so it's important to keep the pressure on.  If you don't know who your senator is, you can find them listed at this link.

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