March 31, 2014

Some downtime

Things have quieted down a little bit here in Campus Ministry after our recent full court press of events.  Last week was the final week of third quarter so I had a lot of correcting to catch up on and now we settle into the last quarter of the year.  But there is a lot on the horizon for Campus Ministry, namely:

Sunday Night Mass and Dinner: April 6 at 5pm
Holy Thursday Prayer Service: April 17 at 8:30am
Holy Thursday Pilgrimage: April 17 at 7:30pm
Trinity Week Service and Masses: April 21-24
Montana and Guatemala Mission Trips: April vacation
Junior Leadership Ceremony: May 7 at 7pm
Senior Day of Reflection: May 23 at 8am
Senior Farewell Mass: May 29 at 9:15am
Theology Fair: June 6 at 5pm
Baccalaureate Mass: June 9 at 7pm

Stay tuned!

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