April 29, 2014

Montana: Day 3

From Ms. Foley:

Upon arising, you could sense the excitement, anticipation, and trepidation in the air.  Our immersion group is stepping out of their element and entering the unknown.   

Once at the De La Salle Blackfeet School, the students carried out their classroom assignments.  Many of the teachers teach various subjects for different grade levels, therefore our volunteers stay with the grade they have chosen.  Before going to homeroom each morning, the students and teachers shake the hands of all the immersion students and teachers as a sign of community, respect, and solidarity.  

During lunch, we took a short break to visit the Thrift Store and the Blackfeet Trading Post.  The Thrift Store is adjacent to the school and it helps finance the school.   

When heading home on the bus, the students were a buzz with stories about their day, the majority having a very positive experience. Students played a lot of basketball during Physical Education, helped in tutoring for math and science, and assisted with guided reading.

After a great grilled cheese dinner made by Kylee and Hunter, we were invited to watch the movie Smoke Signals at Bro. Ray’s home.  It was an informative and entertaining movie about the culture of the Coeur d’Alane Indians in a contemporary society.  It stressed the value of tradition and forgiveness of one’s own family.

Following with Night prayer, the students joyfully and exhaustedly went to bed.  Mr. Arnold and I are excited for the stories the students will share tomorrow.

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