April 30, 2014

Montana: Day 4

I am jealous of these guys, what a day!

From Ms. Foley:

Today was a day of new experiences!  This morning Mr. Arnold and Tyler were able to join the Eighth Grade Class on a trip to The Rasmuson Wildlife Conservation Center at the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch.   They learned about conservation, wildlife, and put up bluebird houses.  A great day to be outside!

Meanwhile, some of our immersion students, accompanied by Ms. Foley, walked to the Medicine Bear Soup Kitchen nearby.  They served lunch to street people and got to sit down and learn some of their stories in pleasant and enthusiastic conversation.  

In the afternoon, we were fortunate to have a speaker on economics from the owner of Blackfeet Construction Supplies and Chairman of the School Board, Mr. Harry Barnes.  He talked to us about Blackfeet History and economic growth and decline. He stressed to us that the state of the Reservation was not something that people decide, it has been assimilated to them from centuries of constant struggle.

After school Bro. Ray joined us for a homemade pizza dinner in which everyone partnered up and pitched in.  After a quick dip in the river, and some time to warm up, we were surprised by Bro. Ray with a late night journey traveling the road to the edge of the world.  When we stopped, everyone was in awe of the amount of beautiful stars you could see.  We gazed up and saw the Big, and Little Dipper, Mars, and the Milky Way.   It was way too magnificent for pictures of words.  

From seeing the awe of our Creator, we all slept soundly, excited for what wonders we will see next!

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