April 29, 2014

Montana: Day 2

Ms. Foley sent along this post about their first full day in Montana…which included buffalo!  I am so jealous:

Today was an action packed day of adventure.  As the snow started to melt away and the sun came out, we quickly realized why Montana is called “Big Sky Country."

This morning, Bro. Ray took us to the 10:30am mass at Little Flower Church, which is right next door to the De La Salle Blackfeet School.  The community was beyond welcoming and it was humbling to receive their blessings.  After mass, we walked over to the school for a tour and an immersion program orientation.

We took a longer route home so our group could get a full tour of Browning.  Bro. Ray drove us a little ways out of town and pulled off to the side of the road to show us something that we don’t see everyday…buffaloes.

Once we were home, a few of us adventured up to the Buffalo Jumps.  Then, the Brothers had us over for a delicious White Chili dinner and brownies for desert.  After listening to the wisdom and experience of two of the De La Salle Teacher Volunteers, we turned in for a good nights sleep.  It will be a busy first day at school tomorrow!  

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