November 10, 2013

March for Life IX

This January, for the ninth straight year, we will be heading to Washington, DC for the annual March for Life.  As always, over 100 students and adult chaperones will be making up the Trinity High School delegation.  We will leave Trinity on Tuesday, Jan. 21 and drive straight through to our host schools - Dematha High School (for the boys) and Elizabeth Seton High School for the girls.  Each year these schools, both located just outside of DC, host us and we would not be able to conduct our trip were it not for them.

On Wednesday, Jan. 22 we will head into Washington for the annual Youth Rally and Mass for Life at the Verizon Center.  This event is so popular that you have to request tickets in August and it's not guaranteed that you will even get tickets.  There is a secondary location but I am praying we get the Verizon Center - it's right downtown and is the "main event" of the trip.  Following this we walk down to the National Mall and then march up Constitution Avenue with 500,000 or so of our friends.  I believe it's the largest annual gathering in Washington (although you would never know since the media never covers it!).

After the March we usually give the kids a few hours to tour around and get something to eat and then head back to Manchester.  But this year we are going to go back to the host schools for a second night and will then spend the next day in Washington.  We never get to spend much time in DC so I added the extra day this year.  We will leave DC around 2pm on Jan. 23 and be back at Trinity by midnight or so.

We can only take 90 kids and I have received over 115 requests for packets so this year's trip should be amazing.  You can watch some highlights from the 2012 March at this video:

March for Life 2012_Trinity High School from Trinity High School on Vimeo.

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