January 30, 2012

Catholic Schools Week: Thanking our Parents

Mr. Mailloux greets a happy parent!
We often focus on the successes and sacrifices of the students and teachers of Catholic schools but we tend to overlook the many sacrifices made by our parents to send their children to Catholic schools.  Our students could just as easily go to school in their local town or nearby and not pay a dime (outside of their property taxes of course).  But, parents drive their children day after day to Trinity and spend over $9,000 to do so.  If it were not for the dedication of our parents, we would not be open.  As the parent of a Catholic school student myself, I know firsthand how tough it is to send a child to Catholic school.  Just yesterday my wife and I signed up our son Kevin for next year at Saint Louis School in Lowell.  He has thrived there in their pre-K program and while we have other financial obligations, we know how much Saint Louis has done for Kevin and we are willing to make that sacrifice.
Ms. Girard thanks one of our parents.

So, as we begin Catholic Schools Week, we honored our parents today and treated them to coffee and donuts as they dropped off their children.  Mr. Sheehan graciously picked up the coffee and donuts at 6:30am and he, Mr. Mailloux, Mr. Gadecki, Mr. Bielik, Ms. Girard, and Ms. Bryon braved the cold to greet and honor our parents.

Happy Catholic Schools Week to all of our parents...and thank you.

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