January 29, 2012

Food Fight!

Last summer, Care Givers of Bedford approached Trinity and Bishop Guertin High Schools about having a friendly canned food competition to benefit their organization.  We both agreed and this past week was the drive, culminating in Friday's basketball games between the two schools.  The boys played at Trinity while the girls played down at BG.  I am not sure how many cans Bishop Guertin collected but I am pretty confident we collected over 1,100!  Mega, mega kudos to Mr. Carnevale and the seniors and Ms. Twomey and the juniors who donated the vast majority of the cans.

I will have more concrete numbers on Tuesday when Care Givers comes by to pick the cans up.  Eric Emmerling, who works for Care Givers and organized this, was at the boys game on Friday and was so excited about how many cans Trinity students and families donated.  It's what we do!

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