October 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Baskets

As the calendar gets ready to turn to November, it's time to start thinking of the greatest holiday known to man - Thanksgiving!  I love this holiday - no presents, lots of football, and plenty of food.  Unfortunately, many people will not have the same kind of meals the students and staff of Trinity High School will have on Thanksgiving.  The times are tough and more and more people in Manchester do not have the resources to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

Thus, for many years now, our school has had a Thanksgiving Basket Drive to benefit the food pantries of Blessed Sacrament and Transfiguration Parishes.  We always provide all of the fixings except for the turkeys and year after year after year, our students come through.  Unfortunately, the food pantries are having a tough time now even affording the turkeys so we will try to help with that.  Thanks to a generous parent and her employer, PSNH, we will soon be receiving a donation of $300 to benefit this project.  I think it is appropriate that we donate the monies to the food pantries to help them buy turkeys.  If anyone else would like to donate to this, please feel free to email me at bflaherty@trinity-hs.org

We are going to join forces with Saint Joseph Regional Junior High School this year so we hope to collect 400-500 baskets!  I know we can do it.  The need is greater than ever and the people of Manchester need our help.

We will collect the baskets on Monday, November 21 and will donate the baskets to Blessed Sacrament and Transfiguration after school that day.  I will be passing out laundry baskets to every student and staff member of Trinity and Saint Joe's along with a "shopping list" in the next couple of weeks.  Just imagine the front lawn of Trinity filled with hundreds and hundreds of laundry baskets filled with food to benefit the hungry of Manchester.  Even better, imagine the joy you will bring to hundreds and hundreds of needy families in Manchester.

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