October 27, 2011

Buffalo wing party

Our principal, Mr. Mailloux, is of course also the principal of Saint Joseph Regional Junior High School in Manchester.  Last month he asked me to stop by Saint Joe's to visit with the students.  The 8th grade classes were studying Saint Peter and the early Christians in Rome so I was able to share with them some things from my trip this summer to Rome, including seeing the bones of Saint Peter.

Somehow - as it usually happens with me - the conversation turned to buffalo wings.  It turned out that some of the students (and one of the teachers, Ms. Cuff) had never had buffalo wings.

The horror.

So I promised the 8th graders that I would return sometime and we would have a buffalo wing party!  Yesterday was the day.  Billy's in Manchester, home of the best buffalo wings in the city, graciously made me 60 buffalo tenders at 9:45am (and gave us a $20 discount) and I brought them by Saint Joe's.  There are three sections of 8th grade Religion and they all meet in a row this week.  I first visited Mrs. Hamel's class and then both of Ms. Cuff's classes.  The kids were very excited and they LOVED the tenders.  Some were so taken by them that they went to Billy's that night and got some more.

I really enjoy spending time at the junior high.  They aren't much younger than our students but it's kind of neat to spend time with another age group.  Hopefully our schools will be able to work together on some projects, namely our Thanksgiving Basket Drive and other service events.

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