October 29, 2011

Prepare for the coming of the Lord...

It's hard to believe but in a few short weeks, we will begin the season of Advent.  Advent is a four-week period of preparation for two events:

1. The second coming of Jesus Christ at the end of time
2. The celebration of the first coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas

The first part of Advent is devoted to the second coming and on December 17, the focus shifts to the celebration of Christmas.

Churches around the world mark Advent and the coming of Christmas by Advent Wreaths with 3 purple candles and 1 pink candle.   A purple candle is lit on the first, second, and fourth Sunday of Advent while the pink one is lit on the third Sunday.  I think it would be awesome if we had a huge Advent Wreath outside our building.  Mrs. Tortolini had a great idea to get four tree stumps and paint four pieces of PVC pipe and put them in the stumps.  To "light" them we would have some sort of lighting system.

Now, I am completely uncreative and not handy at all.  My wife does all those kinds of jobs around the house.  In fact, when we got married, my parents gave her a tool set for Christmas while I got books!  So, needless to say I am reaching out to folks to see if they may be able to lend a hand with this project.  I think it will look superb.  Please email me if you think you may be able to help in some way.

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