July 7, 2016

"...if necessary use words."

One of our longest and finest traditions at Trinity High School is our annual mission trip to St. Francis Inn, a Franciscan meal center in Philadelphia.  Every summer, we take a group of rising seniors to this humble place in the Kensington neighborhood founded in 1979 by Franciscan Friars.  The inn has served a meal to the poorest of the poor every day since December 25, 1979 and is run by today by the friars, women religious, and lay volunteers.

Every summer since 2006, Trinity students have spent a week immersed at the inn serving others, praying together, and living in community.  I usually go for part of the trip but this was the first time in many years that I wasn't able to go.  The trip was chaperoned by Dr. Murphy of our science department and Mrs. Trachim P'08, '10 of our math department and the following students took part:

Calie Bourque '17
Anna Gadecki '17
Justin Gaudreault '17
Kelsey Mercurio '17
Samantha O'Connor '17
Kevin Serrano '17
David Tarr '17

If you know these students, you know that they are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the finest, kindest, gentlest students we have.  I guess the folks at the inn said this was one of the best groups we ever had which doesn't surprise me.  They worked hard, did whatever they were asked, and jumped right into the work.

The group left Trinity on June 25 and stayed until the following Saturday, July 2.  I am looking forward to getting together with them later this summer to hear more about their experience since I wasn't able to be with them.  I am grateful to Dr. Murphy and Mrs. Trachim for leading the trip and to the students for giving of themselves.

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