July 7, 2016

Back home

Our former campus minster, Fr. Andrew Nelson, was recently assigned by Bishop Libasci as the temporary administrator of St. Joseph Cathedral in Manchester.  Andrew was the founding campus minister at Trinity High School and a beloved theology teacher from 2003-2008.  He was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Manchester in 2013 and has spent the past 2 1/2 years as the parochial vicar at parishes in Berlin and Gorham.  He will only be the administrator at the cathedral until October but it's nice to have him back in the area.  Andrew's replacement is Fr. Michael Sartori '06 so the Trinity connection continues.

Andrew celebrated his final Mass in Berlin on June 28 before a congregation of 1,000 people!  It was reminiscent of the goodbye banquet we had for him when he left Trinity in 2008.  The guy knows how to say goodbye!  You can read about his final Mass in the Berlin Daily Sun here.

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