April 27, 2016

Browning Day 3

On their 2nd day in the classroom our students were feeling a bit more comfortable.  They felt they were beginning to make some connections with the DLSBS (De LaSalle Blackfeet School) students.  

After school we had our first speaker, the school social worker. She spoke about some of the struggles of the students, and the community in general.  Browning is a remote and relatively desolate area, and unemployment is extremely high.  The statistics for drug/alcohol abuse (even among students),  rape, and accidental death among young people was shockingly high.  She also spoke briefly on history and genealogy, her belief is that if you know where you (and your ancestors) are from you will better be able to determine your path in life.

Last night, over a dinner of homemade chili, cornbread, tacos, brownies, and ice cream, we asked each student why they decided to come on the trip.  Answers included; wanting to help people, seeing other parts of the country, and wanting new experiences.  After the dishes were washed and the table was cleared we had an hour long dance party filled with lots of laughter.

We are hoping eventually for some nice weather as it has been cold and rainy all week. Many of the paths are very muddy, and the river by the property is running very fast. Parents should have the washing machines ready for when we return.

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