April 27, 2016

Browning Day 2

The kids certainly had an eye-opening day yesterday in the classroom.  Some of the students at the school are here to keep out of trouble, not necessarily because they want an education.  Many live with grandparents or other relatives, some were born addicted to drugs or alcohol.  The school day is long, we arrive at 7:30 and leave at 4:30, so our students were pretty tired yesterday.

Tim and Isabella enjoyed their hike with the 8th graders.  They used what they learned from Mr. Maurier to reconstruct a bear skeleton.  The guide was impressed with how quickly they were able to put it together.  Alex and Cam are going on the same trip today with the 6th graders.

Once we got home everyone helped to make dinner - pizza. Calie and Cam each made a BBQ chicken (Cam's had Ms. Byron's homemade spicy BBQ sauce), Megan made a cheese pizza, Isabella a cheeseburger, Oliver a meat lovers, and Ms Byron a pepperoni.  Morgan and Natalie made cookies for dessert.  Alex, Daley, and Tim helped to clean up.  Mr. Sheehan baked some chicken and turkey for our sandwiches.

Just as we were quieting down, our res dogs, Jack & Jill sent up the alarm.  It was too dark too see, but they were keeping us safe.  Eventually we all fell asleep, and the dogs greeted us on our way out.

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