March 7, 2016

St. Casimir...pray for us

This past Friday was the feast of St. Casimir.  I admit that I don't know a lot about St. Casimir but whenever his feast comes around, I think of our late English teacher Mr. Gorski '58.  St. Casimir was from Poland and is revered in that country.   Mr. Gorski was a proud Pole and a graduate of St. Casimir School here in Manchester.  The legend goes that Mr. Gorski was too fat for the desks in the lower grades at St. Casimir so they moved him up two grades.  Thus, he graduated from our school when he was 16 and from Saint Anselm College when he was 20.  It was also at St. Casimir that Mr. Gorski got his lifelong nickname, "Tiny."

During our morning prayer on Friday, I made the connection between St. Casimir and Mr. Gorski and our prayer came from a prayer of St. Casimir:

Obtain perpetual peace for me,  
And save me from the misfortune of the flames of Gehenna;  
Obtain for me to be chaste and modest, gentle, kind, sober, pious, prudent, upright and the enemy of all falsehood;  
Grant me meekness, love of harmony and purity;  
Make me strong and constant on the path of righteousness.

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