March 10, 2016

Pioneers of Mercy

A few months ago, my alma mater BC High sponsored an alumni day of service at the Greater Boston Food Bank.  I was happy to participate...and to steal the idea!  This past Tuesday we sponsored a morning of service for or parents at the New Hampshire Food Bank here in Manchester.  Six parents and two siblings joined us for a morning of sorting frozen meat.  Mr. Connell '90 of our development office made some nice t-shirts for everyone with "Pioneers of Mercy" on the back.

The Food Bank receives donations of frozen meat and we spent the morning sorting it all into various categories.  We would then weight the boxes and stock them on pallets.  In all we sorted 7,465 pounds of food which translates into 6,221 meals.  I must say it was quite a workout and I was pretty wiped out by the end of the shift (not sure if that's a commentary on the type of work or my horrible physical condition!).

I am grateful to everyone who joined us and I hope this make this a regular event with different groups - alumni, students, etc.

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