December 10, 2015

Hail Mary...

This past Tuesday, our school community gathered for Mass for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Our celebrant was our chaplain, Fr. Richard Dion.  In his homily, Fr. Richard talked about the times when he met Bobby Orr and Keith Richards.  He spoke to Orr on the phone as one of his parishioners knew him well and he happened to come across Richards in an elevator (he said he looked like death warmed over!).  He said that when we meet people like these guys, we want to run and share that with others.  He compared this to the story of St. Bernadette when she encountered Mary at Lourdes in 1858.  She ran and shared this with others, unaware of who she was.  Mary then told her, "I am the Immaculate Conception" and that story has been shared widely.

You may recall that Mr. Gorski '58, our late and legendary English teacher, had a statue of Mary on his front lawn all of his life.  When he died, his family donated it to Trinity and our art department restored it as well as the "shell."  We keep these items in our chapel but each year on this feast, we bring it to the gym.  Fr. Richard venerated it after communion, it was quite moving.

This was our second Mass this Advent season.  We have one each week during Advent and our last one will be next week, Dec. 18 at our annual Mass at St. Anthony's Church here in Manchester.  That Mass begins at 10am and all are welcome.

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