May 30, 2015

Theology Fair XII

Since 2004, the Theology Fair has been a rite of passage for the freshman class.  Each January, they are assigned a scripture passage in their theology classes and they have the rest of the semester to create a 3-D representation of that passage.  They present their projects in late May/early June and in addition, they have to be in costume and answer questions to people who attend.  They are judged by their peers and teachers and awards are always given to a few top notch projects at the end of the night.
Bird's Eye view of the Theology Fair

Last night was our 12th annual Theology Fair and once again, the students outdid themselves.  When I taught theology, I always said that I could never do what they do and I am always blown away by their work.  They also know their stories cold and do a wonderful job explaining it and their project.  Last night was quite warm (as usual) and packed with people but it was a lovely evening.  Our freshman theology teachers, Ms. Foley and Ms. Zolkos P'15 presented the awards to the students and I had the honor of saying grace before we headed out for the BBQ.  I also commended the students for their hard work and thanked Ms. Foley and Ms. Zolkos for all they put into the event.  We also recognized Ms. Foley who will be leaving us after this year.  

Senior exams begin on Monday in the gym so we had to clear the projects out right away and many freshmen tossed them into the dumpsters!  Some parents were horrified - after all that time and work!!  We had a great crew of grillers and cleaners and the BBQ was a great deal of fun.  It's a nice way for the freshmen to breathe after all that work.  

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