May 30, 2015

Senior Farewell Mass

This past Thursday, our school community gathered to say goodbye to the Class of 2015.  It was the final time the Class of 2015 would be with us for a school-wide Mass and as is our custom, they were dressed in their graduation gowns for the Mass.

The Mass was celebrated by our superintendent of schools, Fr. John Fortin, OSB.  Ironically, Fr. John was supposed to be the celebrant at the Class of 2015's Welcome Liturgy in August of 2011 but we had to cancel due to Hurricane Irene.  The seniors processed in with the altar servers and Fr. John and were seated in chairs on the floor.  

Fr. John, who is one of the best homilists I know (and I'm not just saying that because he's our boss, he really is outstanding) did a masterful job tying in the gospel reading of the man born blind to the the senior's impending graduation.  When the man who was blind heard that Jesus was near, he reached out to Him and Jesus asked him when he wanted.  "Master, I want to see" he said.  Jesus told him to go on his way, that his faith had saved him.  "Immediately he received his sight and he followed Him on the way."  

Fr. John asked what could the seniors possibly have in common with this poor, blind beggar?  He said that they both have the desire to follow Christ, to "see", and to have light.  He then tied in the fact that the seniors would be receiving candles at the end of Mass.  The candles, he said, are reminders to be the light of Christ in the world and to not let their light be hidden (the passage about not hiding their light was also the gospel reading we read at the Senior Day of Reflection).  The candles will help them remember to "see light" like the man born blind.     

After communion, we presented the candles to the seniors.  The candles were personally decorated by family, friends, or teachers and I said that they serve two purposes really - to remember their time at Trinity High School and the person(s) who decorated them and also to remember to indeed be the light of Christ as they leave our school and go into the world.  This was the last of the four symbols of our faith that they receive over the course of their time at the school.  As freshmen they received Bibles, a rosary as sophomores, and a Tau cross necklace last year.  Mr. Mailloux '72 presented each senior with their candles and when he gave each of them their candle he said "Receive the light of Christ."

Following Mass, the senior class president Luke Testa '15 offered some remarks and then Erin Barry '15, the yearbook editor, presented the yearbook dedication.  This year's honoree was our longtime registrar Mrs. Belliveau '65.  I was so happy she got it this year, no one deserves it more.  She has quietly and humbly served our school community for almost 30 years and never, ever, ever, ever calls attention to herself.  We presented her with the Bishop Leo O'Neil Award at this year's Advent Mass and I waited until the plaque was engraved to tell her because I knew she wouldn't accept!  She was very choked up with the yearbook dedication, you can tell it meant a great deal to her.  But in her humble way she said, "There are way more people here who deserve it but thank you so much."

We then wrapped up with a slideshow put together by Maggie Boisvert '15 and Erika Shepherd '15 and the seniors were then treated to a BBQ by Student Council.  All in all, a nice sendoff for the Class of 2015.  Next week they take their final exams and the week after they graduate.    

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