April 24, 2015

"You did it for Me"

Luke Testa '15 is the founder of an amazing non-profit organization called Project PLAY which provides gently used sports equipment to disadvantaged youth.  They also provide financial assistance for sports registration fees.  Luke was recognized for his work last fall in Washington, DC along with 49 other teenagers and he got to meet Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

Luke approached me recently about running a used sports equipment drive to benefit the students we will be serving next week in Browning, MT and Guatemala City, Guatemala.  The response, as usual, was overwhelming.  Students brought in tons and tons of soccer balls, cleats, baseballs, bats, tennis rackets, etc, etc, etc.  Luke also got donations from Central High School, Bedford High School, and Pinkerton Academy.  The students from Trinity going to Browning and Guatemala tomorrow will bring suitcases of the donated equipment and Project PLAY will pay for the baggage fees.

Luke contacted WMUR and they came by yesterday and did a wonderful story.  They filmed the story in Campus Ministry where we had all the equipment nicely laid out.  You can watch it here.

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