April 25, 2015

Gorski Cup I

Yesterday, Trinity High School began a new tradition - the awarding of the inaugural Gorski Cup.  The cup is named after our beloved colleague Mr. Stan Gorski '58 who died two years ago.  Mr. Gorski taught English at Bishop Bradley/Trinity High Schools for 51 years and was a legend in Manchester.  We've had a Spirit Cup that was awarded to the class who attended the most events during the year but it had falling out of use in recent years.  So, we decided to reboot the idea, get a new cup, and name it in honor of Mr. Gorski.

Throughout the academic year, we would take attendance at sporting events, concerts, drama productions, etc. and award Gorski Cup points to the class with most percentage of students in attendance.  We also gave points to the class that brought in the most Thanksgiving baskets and other service projects.  The final point tallies was attendance at Trinity Week events and the Battle of the Classes' games yesterday afternoon.

After the final game yesterday, student council advisor Ms. Comiskey had all the class presidents sit in the front and student council president Nick Capobianco '15 walked the Gorski Cup into the gym while "Fanfare for the Common Man" played (I love dramatic flair).  He put the cup on a table that was draped in the four class colors (yellow, white, blue, and red) and Mr. Mailloux '72 offered some poignant words about Mr. Gorski.  He pointed out the quote we put on the cup: "Today is another day in which to excel" and how Mr. Gorski would say that to Mr. Mailloux every single day.  He got a little choked up and the students - who two minutes earlier were going insane with the games - were so quiet you could have a heard a pin drop.

With that, Ms. Comiskey announced the results and the Class of 2015 was awarded the first annual Gorski Cup.  They absolutely erupted, stormed the floor, held the cup high, kissed it like it was the Stanley Cup, and took pictures with it.  I am glad it meant that much to them, Mr. Gorski would be very happy.

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