January 31, 2015

Guest speaker

Each year, Bro. Paul Ackerman, FSC, comes to Trinity High School to speak to the students about De La Salle Blackfeet School in Browning, MT.  Bro. Paul founded the school over 10 years ago and was the president for 13 years.  He now lives in Chicago and travels to speak about the school and to raise funds for the school.  This will be the third year we are sending students to De La Salle Blackfeet School for a mission trip over April vacation.  Bro. Paul will be speaking to the freshmen on Monday in theology classes about the school and again that evening to the students going on the trip along with their parents.

Bro. Paul flew into Manchester today and will be staying at St. Anthony's Church where the pastor is our chaplain Fr. Richard Dion.  I met Bro. Paul at St. Anthony's this afternoon to greet him and he left shortly thereafter for Middlebury, VT where he will be spending the night with some friends and donors of the school.  He will be back in Manchester tomorrow and meet up with us on Monday.  I always look forward to his visit and am glad he's back with us.

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