January 30, 2015

Free lunch

Today, as a way to thank our amazing faculty during this Catholic Schools Week, we had tenders and Greek salad from the Puritan Backroom for lunch.  Our teachers are so incredibly dedicated to our students and our mission and I consider it an honor to work alongside them.  Students are always in my office during lunch so I never really have a chance to eat lunch with my colleagues so days like today are always nice for me.

Some of our students with Chris Carpenter '93
I want to also thank a group of about 10 seniors who went to St. Catherine's School in Manchester to help them with their Catholic Schools Week activities.  One of our most famous alums, former Major League pitcher and Cy Young Award winner Chris Carpenter '93, has a daughter at St. Catherine's and was at the school today so our students got to meet him and take pictures with him!

Because of the snow days this week we didn't get to do some of our activities so we will reschedule them in the coming week, namely the last of the two tours of St. Joseph Cathedral, making sandwiches for New Horizons, and completing the notes to the women and men religious of the diocese.

I regret that we didn't have Mass today.  The choir from St. Michael's College was going to sing and the campus minister was to be our celebrant.  The weather looked very iffy for today so we cancelled them yesterday although the weather turned out fine.  I feel very bad about jumping the gun on that but you never do know with the weather.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Catholic School Week activities!

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