December 7, 2014

Winter Athlete Mass

Mr. Polak and the winter season coaches
Our principal, Mr. Mailloux '72, recently had an idea to launch each sports season with a Mass for the players and coaches.  Tonight we began that tradition for the winter season and the Mass was celebrated by our chaplain, Fr. Richard Dion.  The Mass was quite simple and was for the Second Sunday of Advent.  In his homily, Fr. Richard focused on St. John the Baptist and sin, conversion, and confession as that was the common theme in the readings.  Fr. Richard tied in sportsmanship to all this saying that the students should act in the games in ways that do not lead to sin and that rather to having fun and winning.

The St. Sebastian medals

After the Mass, our athletic director Mr. Polak introduced each head coach who was presented with a prayerbook for sports courtesy of the University of Notre Dame and then each coach and asst. coach was given a St. Sebastian medal as he is the patron saint of athletes.  Mr. Polak then said a few words echoing Fr. Richard speaking of sportsmanship and doing well representing Trinity High School.

Tonight was a pleasant evening and, more importantly, a nice way to set the tone for the upcoming season.  I look forward to the Mass for spring athletes!

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