December 6, 2014

Their mite

Each year, Knights of Columbus Council 5260 here in Manchester donates proceeds of their BINGO to Catholic schools, Catholic institutions, and religious orders.  Yesterday Paul Roy, a member of the council, stopped by Trinity High School with a very generous check for $6,000.00 for our school.  I forget the exact number but I think he said they donated about $79,000 this year, a staggering amount.  Each school got $6,000 and they donated the rest to other Catholic organizations in the diocese.

As a 4th Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus, I am so grateful to my Brothers Knights for their amazing work.  When I was a postulant with the Congregation of Holy Cross, my local council, Council 128 in Melrose, MA, gave me some money to help with my books and expenses and I was also awarded a scholarship from the Supreme Council to help with my room and board costs.  The Knights do so much for the Church and for the vulnerable among us and I am honored count myself among their ranks.

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