October 14, 2014

Their just reward

As part of our food drive last month, I promised awards to the top 3 homerooms that brought in the most food.  Mr. Carnevale, Mrs. Leblond, and Mr. Martinez's homerooms all made the top three and got to choose from no homework for a week in theology classes, buffalo tenders from Billy's here in Manchester, or donuts from Top Donuts in Lowell, MA.  Mr. Carnevale and Mr. Martinez's homerooms opted for the donuts and Mrs. Leblond's homeroom took the buffalo tenders.  I was happy as I got to sample both!

Thanks again to everyone who helped us raise 7,800 pounds for the New Hampshire Food Bank.

Speaking of the Food Bank, Parable Magazine, the magazine for the Diocese of Manchester, has a nice feature story on the Food Bank as it's marking its 30th anniversary this year.  You can read it here.

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