October 13, 2014

He's one of us

Last April, Pope Francis canonized two Canadians, Francois de Laval and Marie Guyart.  Both de Laval and Guyart were early founders of Quebec, de Laval was the first bishop and Guyart was a religious sister and founded one of the first schools.  The new saints were canonized through a process called "equipollent canonization" (I had to look it up too!).  Essentially, the pope waived the second miracle required for canonization and declared them saints.  Thus, they didn't have the traditional canonization Mass in St. Peter's Square.

So yesterday, the pope celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Peter's Basilica and our very own Cardinal Gerald Lacroix '75 was there.  At the end of the Mass he addressed the pope in French.  My French is very rusty but either way, the optics are pretty cool - a Trinity Pioneer standing in St. Peter's Basilica addressing the pope.


You can watch the video here or below.

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