October 9, 2014

"…for I was hungry…"

Today I took a group of students over to New Horizons for a tour and to learn about who we are helping through next week's Cardboard City IV.  Whenever we have a major event like Cardboard City, our food drive, etc. I like to bring a group of students to see the beneficiary of our efforts and to encourage them to share what they learned with their classmates.

Charlie Sherman, the amazing executive director of New Horizons and brand new part-time anchor of NH1 News, graciously gave us our tour.  This has to be the fifth or sixth time over the years that I have taken students on a tour with Charlie and his enthusiasm has never wavered.  He showed us the food pantry, the dining room, the shelter, and the greenhouse that provides 50% of their produce.   He stressed how New Horizons works hard to maintain the dignity of the guests who come there and they provide them with a superior meal and work hard to get folks back on their feet.  He also thanked the students for the commitment to New Horizons and similar organizations and said that Trinity is different in that our work with them is not just a one-time thing but something that is ingrained in our culture.

We truly cherish our relationship with New Horizons and are so grateful to Charlie and his staff for their work.  I hope we raise a boatload of money for them through Cardboard City!

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