May 29, 2014

Senior Farewell

Each year on the last Thursday of May we have a Mass to say goodbye to our seniors.  This year's Mass fell on the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord so it was extra special.  The seniors process into the gym wearing their blue graduation robes and it's the first time for many that it hits them that we are getting to the end.  I always stand in the hallway as they process in and shake each of their hands.

Our celebrant was Fr. John Fortin, OSB, our superintendent of schools.  This is the third straight year that he has celebrated this Mass and he joked in his homily that he's not sure why he keeps getting invited back (I already emailed him asking him to celebrate the Mass next year).  Fr. John is one of my favorite homilists (and I'm not just saying that because he's our boss!) going back to my days as a student at Saint Anselm College.  He spoke of the apostles and how they doubted their decision to follow Jesus after His crucifixion and hoped that they would be able to quietly sneak back to their old lives without facing the same fate.  They continued to doubt after they were told that Jesus rose but finally believed once they saw Him.  The seniors, Fr. John said, will certainly have doubts as they go through life but encouraged them to pray to God, who loves them so much, and He will indeed help them with their doubts and concerns.

Following Communion we presented the seniors with the traditional senior candle.  Each senior has a 3x9 candle decorated for them but a fellow classmate or student to serve as a constant reminder of their time at Trinity High School and a reminder to be light to the world.  It's the final four symbols of our faith that we present to them during their time at Trinity.

After Mass the students are treated to a slideshow, the yearbook dedication (this year's book was dedicated to the late Mr. Gorski '58 who died in August), and a BBQ for the seniors.  Tomorrow we take the seniors to Canobie Lake Park, they have their final exams next week, and it all wraps up on June 9 and 10.  

On a personal note, I will miss this class terribly.  They had a lot of spirit, they were the last class I taught as a full-time teacher, and there are so many wonderful and caring people in the class.  It hit me today that they are indeed leaving, especially when I was signing some of their yearbooks.  I am glad we have a little more time together before they go their own ways.

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