May 17, 2014


I taught theology for a number of years at Trinity High School and one of my favorite books of the Bible to teach was Genesis, especially the story of Joseph.  Last night I was transported back to that story with our Drama Club's production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."  I had never seen this show before and was surprised it was all music, there was no dialogue at all.  But it was so entertaining and the songs were fantastic.  I was so impressed with the cast's ability to memorize all those songs and to sing them so wonderfully.  Congratulations to the cast and their advisor Ms. Byron for an amazing show.  You still have one more night to see the show, tonight at 7pm in our gym - you will NOT be disappointed.

I should also add that our choir and band put on a magnificent concert this past Wednesday night and some of the art of our art students was on display.  I thoroughly enjoyed that evening too, we have some very talented students at Trinity.

I was thinking as I left the school last night how we do so much for a school with 440 students.  What a place!

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