April 26, 2014

Off to Montana and Guatelama

This year for the second year in a row, we sponsored two mission trips over April vacation: one to Guatemala City and another to Browning, MT.  Mr. Bielik of our math department and his wife and Mr. Kwasnik of our theology department are heading up the Guatemala trip whereas Mr. Arnold of our math department and Ms. Foley of our theology department are running the Montana one.  Both trips left from Boston early this morning.

I must confess that I don't know a great deal about the details of the Guatemala trip but I know they are ministering to people who literally live among garbage dumps.  I am more familiar with the Montana trip as I helped run it last year (you can read the posts in the archives to the right from April 2013).  Mr. Arnold was eager to take on the trip as he spent 10 years living and working with Indians in Washington State.  The folks from the Montana trip will be sharing their experience via this blog so do stay tuned.

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