March 15, 2014

The week ahead

The upcoming week will be one for the ages:

Sunday, March 16: Sunday Night Mass and Dinner at 5pm in the chapel/cafeteria.

Monday, March 17: I am taking my AP US History class to a conference in Concord

Tuesday, March 18: We are hosting Rear Admiral Arthur Lawrence '65, a former assistant Surgeon General who will be speaking with students

Wednesday, March 19: Mass and Grandparent's Day

Thursday, March 20: I am chaperoning a field trip to the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston with the 8th graders from St. Joe's Junior High

Friday, March 21: Setting up for a reception for Cardinal Lacroix '75

Saturday, March 22: Mass and reception with Cardinal Lacroix - Mass at St. Anthony's Parish, reception at Trinity

YIKES…Pray for us!

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