March 15, 2014

My other life

Like most people who work in Catholic education, I have more than one job at Trinity High School.  In addition to working in campus ministry, I also teach two social studies classes and advise our school's Youth and Government program.  Youth and Government is run by the YMCA and is essentially a mock government program.  New Hampshire is lucky in that we get to use the State House for our meetings - the House chambers, the Senate chambers, the governor's office, the supreme court, and the legislative office building.  
Trinity students outside the NH State House today

Today was our pre-legislative session and we head back in three weeks for two full days of the model legislature.  We have 8 students from Trinity this year and overall there are over 300 students from across the state.  Our group is smaller this year as many past participants graduated last year.  Hopefully we can build it back up next year.  Three students could not attend today but all will be there in April.

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