March 14, 2014

Teaching about Tourette's

Early in the school year I received an email from Mrs. Bergeon P'17 about her daughter Katrina.  She told me that Katrina has Tourette's Syndrome (a very minor form) and is a Youth Ambassador for the Tourette Syndrome Association.  Katrina is trained in making presentations on Tourette's and making people aware of its symptoms and asked if she could present to the students of Trinity High School.  We of course said yes and throughout the course of the year she has methodically made her presentation to all of the theology classes, starting with the seniors back in October.

Her final presentation was this week to one of Ms. Zolkos' freshman classes and I sat in.  I was so impressed with her poise, professionalism, confidence, and ease with the audience.  Her presentation was easy to follow and very well presented.  She had us do an exercise where we had to write the words to the pledge of allegiance in 90 seconds but we had to erase and re-write every third word and each time she clapped, we had to tap our pens.  This, she said, mimics what many people with Tourette's experience when writing or doing work.  Katrina will present to the faculty at our next monthly meeting in April.

I told the class after how proud I was of her and impressed that a 14 year old could be such an amazing public speaker.  You can read an article on Katrina from the Nashua Telegraph here.

Well done, Katrina!

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