March 12, 2014

Morning Prayer

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Father John Fortin, OSB, the superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Manchester, hosted a two day conference of all the Catholic school superintendents in New England.  He had an idea of having students from local Catholic schools lead the superintendents in morning prayer each day.  The students of St. Benedict's Academy led prayer on Monday and we were graciously invited to lead yesterday.  I brought eight students, some of whom were from our choir who sang an opening hymn.  We prayed Psalm 119, listened to a reflection by a Catholic school principal from Troy, NY, and Kasie Bourque '14 offered her own thoughts.  It was rather brief, about 10 minutes, but the kids were well received and did a very nice job.

The students who assisted were:

Kasie Bourque '14
Paul Boyd '17
Matthew DeSchuiteneer '14
Allison Doherty '14
Bryan Dufour '14
Victoria Fatukasi '16
Emily Murphy '14
Julia Steer '14

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