February 5, 2014

Honoring our God

Sorry for not posting in about a week!

Last week we celebrated Catholic Schools Week as you know and the week was bookended by Masses.  On Sunday, Jan. 26 we had our monthly Sunday Night Mass and dinner.  Our chaplain Father Richard Dion was our celebrant and we had a healthy crowd of about 30-40 people.  Father Richard preached about his vocation and calling to the priesthood.  After everyone enjoyed a meal and fellowship and I understand the food was amazing.  I am grateful to Ms. Zolkos of our theology department for organizing everything.

On Friday, Jan. 31 we concluded the week with a school-wide Mass.  Father John Bucchino, OFM, the pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish in Manchester, was our celebrant.  In his homily, Father John spoke of a boy who spontaneously juggled before Pope John XXIII at his installation Mass in 1959.  Father John compared the juggling so many Catholic schools students have to do - juggling their work, their service, and their faith lives.  He also spoke of St. John Bosco whose feast was that day as well.

After communion we had a brief ceremony to honor our staff members - those men and women who do so much behind the scenes and don't always get the recognition they deserve.  They often work summers, school vacations, etc.  I introduced each of them and they came up and were presented with a card from Mr. Mailloux '72 which included a gift card.  They were embraced and thanked by Mr. Mailloux and Father John.  The folks we honored were:

Melissa, Amy, Heidi, and Jess of our cafeteria
Mrs. Belliveau '62, our registrar (who is also celebrating her 25th anniversary at the school)
Mr. Clement '63 of our facilities department
Mr. Holman, our health officer
Mrs. Martel of our main office
Mrs. Moquin of our business office
Mr. Poisson of our facilities department
Mr. Powers '63 of our athletics office
Mrs. Toomey of our business office
Mr. Twomey, our technology director
Mrs. Verrier of our guidance office

Following Mass we performed the blessing of the throats as the Feast of St. Blaise was a few days away.  In all, a fine way to cap off a great week!

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