January 22, 2014

Skype with a cardinal…to be

Yesterday many members of our school community had the opportunity to Skype with Archbishop Gerald Lacroix '75!  We were going to do it at our Monday assembly but the archbishop's schedule didn't permit it so we decided to have the students going on the March for Life Skype before they left for Washington.  But of course that was cancelled due to the weather so we just piled in classes to the gym and they were loud and pumped up.  When we got the archbishop up on the screen, the kids went crazy, so much so that they knocked out the power cord on the projector.  When we got it back on, Archbishop Lacroix said, "My name is Gerry Lacroix and I am a Pioneer!"

The house came down on that one.

He then spoke for about 5 minutes about the role of a cardinal and reflected on his time at Trinity High School.  He was very humble saying that this was not a promotion or an honor but a greater opportunity to serve.  He ended it by saying, "I love you guys!" 

Mrs. Henning and Kasie Bourque '14 put together some raw video of the event which you can watch below.  You can also read the Union Leader article on the event here.

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