November 2, 2013

Pray for us...

Yesterday was the solemnity of All Saints and our school community gathered for Mass.  Our chaplain, Father Richard Dion, was our celebrant and spoke in particular of two saints to be in his homily - Blessed John Paul II and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.  He said that one mark of saints is the amount of people that follow them and are inspired to live lives of faith because of them and their example.  He also told a story of when he visited the Shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre in Quebec City and saw an old woman dancing next to her wheelchair.  The woman's daughter told Father Richard that this was the first time in 23 years that the woman has walked.  Saints like Saint Anne, he said, help bring about miracles through their prayers to God.

Following Mass we made a special presentation to Father Richard.  Last Sunday was Priesthood Sunday and we sent notes to every priest in the diocese....except for Father Richard.  That was because we wanted to honor him in front of the entire school community.  Patrick Fitzgibbon '14 made a giant card and sketched Father Richard on it and wrote "Thank you for your priesthood" on the inside (Father Richard said he was grateful for the amount of hair on his picture!).  The card was signed by all the students.  We then presented Father Richard with a Trinity High School hockey jersey with "Dion" on the back.  Father Richard is a big hockey fan and we thought he would love this gift.  He's always talking about going to the school's hockey games so maybe he will wear it to one.

Before Mass we also made a video for Ms. Clare Girard.  Ms. Girard taught theology at Trinity High School for four years and this August she entered the Dominican Sisters of Nashville, TN.  Ms. Comiskey of our modern language department went through the gym with her iPad filming the students clapping and going crazy and then filmed the choir singing "Pacem", a staple hymn of our choir.  Ms. Girard was a member of the choir for most of her years here and will appreciate hearing that hymn.  Kasie Bourque '14 edited the video for me and I hope to send the DVD off to her soon.  Their patron saint is Saint Cecilia whose feastday is November 22 so we will send it to coincide with that feast.

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