October 27, 2013

Sunday Night Mass

Last year we began a tradition of having Mass once a month on a Sunday night followed by a free dinner.  To be honest, I was not planning on continuing this tradition into this year as it was hard to give up a good chuck of a Sunday every month away from my family.  But so many families enjoyed the opportunity to get together to pray and share time that I could not not do it!

So tonight was our first Mass of the year and our chaplain Father Richard Dion joined us once again and will be saying the bulk of the Masses for us.  We were also joined once again by Dan Pratte '13, his father Steve, and his grandfather Roger who provided the music for us.  We had a nice crowd of 40-45 people (our chapel can only hold about 65 people) and folks enjoyed a wonderful variety of food from chicken tenders, to lasagna, to eggplant parm, mac and cheese, meatballs, to homemade chocolate chip cookies and apple crisp.  I am still stuffed which doesn't happen often!

I am grateful to everyone who came and who spent time in prayer and fellowship with other members of the school community.  

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