October 27, 2013

In your prayers...

Please keep in your prayers Mr. Michael Griffin.  Michael was the first principal of Trinity High School and served in that role for about three years.  Michael was a Christian Brother but left the order shortly after leaving Trinity in order to marry.  I just found out this weekend from Bro. John McMahon, FSC (who was at Trinity when it opened) that Michael is suffering from liver cancer.  I've only met Michael once and that is when we honored the Christian Brothers at a school assembly in 2011.  He is a quiet, humble man who led Trinity during some confusing and turbulent times.  He took on the job as principal at the last minute as the brother who was supposed to be the principal left the order before the school opened.

Michael is living on Cape Cod and I hope we can get a chance to visit him.  There would be no Trinity High School were it not for him so I feel we should honor him and thank him for all he did.

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