October 3, 2013

Just reward

When we launched our food drive, I offered some incentives to the students.

1. If we reached 5,000 pounds the students would receive a week of dress-down days
2. The top homeroom (in terms of total pounds) would receive ice cream from the Puritan and get to miss a final mod one day
3. The second place homeroom would receive buffalo tenders from Billy's in Manchester
4. The third place homeroom would receive donuts from Top Donut in Lowell

We hit the 5,000 pound mark by over 800 of course so this week has been a dress down week.  Yesterday Mr. Hobart's homeroom got their donuts for coming in third, Ms. Waldrupe's got their buffalo tenders today (they are sitting in front of me as we speak), and next Friday I am taking Mr. Carnevale's homeroom to the Puritan at 1:30 for their ice cream.

The idea behind the competition was to encourage the students but also to create bonds among the homerooms.  This is the first year we have had homerooms in many years and they are a mix of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  By having homeroom competitions we felt we could help bring the various classes together.  We will have homeroom competitions throughout the year with the winner getting the Gorski Cup, an annual award to the top homeroom.

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