August 17, 2013

The end

Mr. Sheehan '79 with Rambo, one of the guests at the inn
Alas, our week at Saint Francis Inn will soon be coming to an end.  Yesterday was our last full day which, like all days, began with Mass at 8:30am.  Father Michael's homily was very powerful.  He spoke of how in the first reading from the Book of Joshua, the people looked back at how much God had done for them over time as they prepared to enter the Promised Land.  By looking back, they could always remember that even during the hard times, God has always been there for them.  Thus, there is no reason to doubt or fear him.  He urged us to do the same, always looking back, not necessarily forward.
The courtyard were guests line up to eat

The only meal served on Fridays is lunch so following Mass we will prepped for the meal which was served from 11:30am-1:00pm.  Since we had the afternoon free, we made the trek into downtown Philadelphia.  Mr. Joe Selfridge, a teacher from West Philadelphia Catholic High School, offered to give us a tour.  West Catholic is a Lasallian school and I've gotten to know Joe from the past two Lasallian Youth Assemblies.  He brought us to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, South Street, to buy a cheese steak at Jim's, and then around some nice neighborhoods.  It was a pleasant walk and a nice chance to see a different part of Philadelphia.

The kids really wanted to go to the "Rocky Steps" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art so we took the train back to the house and then headed there.  We all ran to the top (Mr. Sheehan and I raced, I won!) and spent time at the top enjoying the beautiful view of the city.  We then headed over to Dave and Buster's so the kids could play some games.

Today we are getting ready to head to Mass and then prep and serve lunch.  We will then come back here, clean the house and hopefully be on the road by 2:00pm.  At Mass today we will all receive Tau crosses from the staff.  The kids don't know about it and there are always some tears at this part.

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