August 15, 2013

A little reward

The head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles is Manchester native Chip Kelly.  Chip graduated from Central High School and UNH and is good friends with Mr. Sheehan '79.  Mr. Sheehan texted Chip this week to see if he might be able to get us tickets to tonight's Eagles game against the Carolina Panthers...and he did!  Chip generously donated his personal suite and 2 VIP parking spots to our group.  We surprised the students and waited until after we served dinner tonight to tell them.  They were blown away and beyond excited.  We arrived a little after 7pm and we were treated to free food as well.  It was such a special treat for the kids (and the adults frankly!) and a wonderful gesture from Coach Kelly.

I must confess, however, to thinking about the folks here in Kensington as we sat at the game.  When we turned back onto our street tonight there were over a dozen people sleeping on the sidewalk (including some right outside the window behind me as I type this).  A young woman was walking down the street and I waved to her to be polite but I forgot where I was.  She approached our car as I was parking and I don't think she was going to ask for directions!  When she saw it was a car full of kids she turned around.

The realities of life here...

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